About us

Cenobiologics Ltd provides a wide range of Allograft Bio-implants for human transplantation for any health care system and/or medical professionals. Our Bio-implants are processed, produced and supplied in a-state-of-the-art facility using the latest processing technologies.

Cenobiologics Ltd is a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Licensed member of the European Association of Tissue Banks (EATB). CenoBiologics adheres to strict guidelines, standards and disciplines issued and monitored by the HTA, to meet the European Union Tissues and Cells Directives (EUTCD).

Our Company

Fundamental to our success is the ability to translate the science of Tissue-Engineering into brands that offer measurable clinical benefits. A common denominator across our portfolio is that we strive to be the evidence-based standard in markets in which we compete. Our competitive edge is based on a strong focus on improving patient outcomes. To accomplish our mission, the CenoBiologics team consists of highly dedicated and motivated individuals who are committed to finding solutions in order to achieve success. Our products are manufactured in a highly technological environment with a state of the art facility to obtain the best quality possible.

Cenobiologics Research And Development

The word science suggests change. We constantly hear that some well-established theories have changed, and some novel techniques have improved. Moreover, much new knowledge appears daily and all these events are possible because of research. Although we are proud of our products, we are always focussed on improving them, thus facilitating the development of the company. This is our aim and the reason we are currently developing research projects whose aim is to improve the production process and, consequently, our product. Also, we are participating in several cooperation and joint projects with universities and professionals. If you have any idea in this field, please contact us.