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Tissue engineering and the use of Bioimplants is an emerging area of science and technology in Regenerative medicine. Regenerative Medicine is broadly defined as a multidisciplinary approach to restoring, or replacing new for damaged tissue. Perhaps the most important medical area of the 21stCentury, Regenerative Medicine offers the potential tocurerather than treat most diseases. CenoBiologics Ltd has extensive experience and network of partners in regenerative medicine and can provide services and supplies.

  • High quality Consumables: We collaborate with high tech UK industries and supply partners to order and produce tailored supplies. Prepared in state-of-art clean rooms and facilities, in clinical or research, it is essential to generate a tissue that is more or less equivalent to the native tissue. It is of utmost importance to use high quality materials and solutions. We adhere to related validation processes to provide Sterile Tyvek and Foil pouches, Solutions, etc.
  • Improved productivity and quality of allograft based matrix, across a range of research, development and manufacturing applications
  • We also offer a comprehensive range of technical support, training and consultancy services
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