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CenoValve - aortic and pulmonary allograft valves - prepared in a state of art facility. Restoring functional characteristics of a patientís own valves, our

  • Cardiovascular Patches
  • Hemi-Valves
  • Aortic or Pulmonary Conduits are used by surgeons all over the world Cryopreserved CenoValves can be tailored for complex reconstructions.


  • Less susceptible to infection
  • Avoids use of anticoagulation therapies, suitable for young, active adults.


  • Valve replacement
  • Ross procedure
  • Congenital procedures
  • Right ventricular outflow tract procedures

CenoPatch - Allograft pericardium works as a stabilizing and protective barrier for surgical sites during the different stages of the healing process. The CenoPatch pericardial sheet is the natural choice as a buttressing and reconstruction material.

The strength and flexibility of a pericardial allograft combined with the safety and quality of cryopreservation.

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