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CenoTendon – Tendon allografts play an important role in tendon and ligament reconstruction, particularly where there is a shortage of suitable available local tissue. Although used predominantly for ligament reconstruction around the knee, they have occasional indications in the upper limb and elsewhere.

The advantage of using allograft tissue includes a lack of donor site morbidity, high tensile strength, decreased surgical time, smaller surgical incisions and a low risk of arthrofibrosis. CenoTendons are provided sterile from our tissue bank alliance partners. High quality processing renders the tissue sterile without causing biomechanical or biochemical changes to the tissue.

  • Offered Tendons:

    • Achilles Tendon with bone anchor
    • Achilles Tendon without bone anchor
    • Bone Tendon Bone
    • Tibialis Tendon
    • Proneus Longous Tendon
    • Semi-tendinosus/Gracilis
    • Small Joint Tendon
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